God`s House of Prayer
Sebastian Stobiecki born in Poland in the city of Swidnica, son of Ryszard and Zofia Stobiecki, brought up in catholic religion until the age of 12. Immigrated to Canada with the family in 1982 Surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in 1985 on Sunday morning at a Polish Pentecostal Church. Year after, together with his father he experienced the Water Baptism with 7 other members. In 1988 a Divine and personal visitation of God in the small bedroom behind the closed door that transformed his life forever, The Holy Spirit came and filled the cup that it`s overflowed with His love, peace, joy, revelation, and thanksgiving. In the two years that followed that visitation, on a daily quiet evening prayer God revealed some personal information about some future events that going to take place in his life.

1.) You will be married at the age of 25
2.) You will have a happy family a wise wife and obedient children
3.) You will have a church with these ministries......

Now 20 years later, God has provided a way where there was no way, it took us 20 years in the dessert to finally die, and realise, it`s not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit say`s the Lord. God restored and refreshed our spirit and on our knees we brought to life the vision of the church called “God`s House of Prayer"